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Living the Dream

Entrepreneur | Podcaster | Social Media Gal | Recreational Cyclist

Jennifer’s tagline of “Living the Dream” embodies her outlook on life and adventurous spirit. As a podcasting and social media pioneer, Jennifer was key to the growth of the social media community in San Antonio, TX. Through user-generated conferences aka UnConferences she was able to cultivate the Learn, Share, Grow model of community building she learned from mentors in both the offline and online world.

Jennifer’s expertise and knowledge has been featured in the newspaper, business journal, local news and online publications. She speaks to groups and at conferences about how entrepreneurs, small business, non-profits, educators and others can utilize social media, blogging, podcasting and video streaming to increase awareness and engagement. As the co-organizer of both Social Media Club and Social Media Breakfast San Antonio Chapters, she was able to help business and non-profits connect with the social media tech crowd. Doing so helped to shorten the learning curve of social media for business for many and encouraged continued community growth. Jennifer’s social media community outreach did not go unnoticed and in 2010 she was selected as one of the Texas Social Media Award winners.

Spend any time with Jennifer and you will probably find yourself as the interview subject for an impromptu podcast or perhaps become part of a livestream video post. Jennifer works with a diverse group of clientele who keep her shiny object syndrome running at full speed.  Her clients will be the first to tell you that she has a fun and practical method to teaching social media which takes the fear out of online engagement.

Currently Jennifer’s biggest passion is cycling and learning to live a healthy lifestyle. She launched the Health Fitness Beauty Quest in September 2013 and has been sharing her ongoing experiences ever since. Her health journey has taken her from 179lbs. size 16 down to a 149lbs. size 10. Her entire experience can be found on her blog.

The next stop on her Health Fitness Beauty Quest involves a 3,062.5 mile cross-country bicycle tour from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL. The two month journey will take her through mountains, deserts, swampland and coastal bends as she cycles from the Pacific Ocean, across 8 states to the Atlantic Ocean.

Along the way she will stop to interview everyday athletes, meet with tourism bureaus that are promoting bicycle tourism and share the entire experience online. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, SoudCloud, Instagram and YouTube.

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