Cycling a 3,052.5 mile bike tour across the United States is no easy feat. The Health Fitness Beauty Quest was launched with professional partners in the wellness, fitness and beauty industries. Through sharing the journey online every single person who read, commented, liked, retweeted and cheered me on in person and online became my accountability partner. I was successful because of your continued support.


The Health Fitness Beauty Quest Cross Country Bike Tour will also have partners who will provide products, services and finances to complete the journey. Along the way I will be stopping to interview folks, like myself, that are the Everyday Athlete. We are not elite athletes nor olympians, but we are athletes. From 5K’s to marathons to recreational and endurance bike tours, we put the work in on the trails and on the road to improve our own personal health. Running and riding the long hours to prepare ourselves for charity runs and rides. We compete against no one but ourselves as we work towards personal records and achieve milestones. ¬†We are the Everyday Athlete.

This being a bike tour, it is equally important to take the time to stop along the way to share the story of small towns and big cities that have made it their mission to encourage and promote bike tourism. Each of these stops are meant to tell the story of the strength of the human body spirit at any age and the financial impact promoting bike tourism can have on the economy. Stories will be shared through video and audio interviews as well as through daily posts through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram and Pinterest.

A big heart-felt thanks to our partners for supporting the Health Fitness Beauty Quest Cross Country Bike Tour.


Team RISE UP! Global

Bryan and Monica Penrod


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Entrepreneurial Education for Homeschooling Families







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Ventana Media Group

The cultural intelligence of the Mexican-American community


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The day of your humanity has arrived!




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Stay tuned because there are more to come.

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